Occasions That Call for Wholesale Meat in Toronto

Many people believe that the only people who have a reason to be interested in purchasing wholesale meat are the delis and shops that need to buy in bulk cheap to make a profit. What they fail to realize is that the quality of meat and the taste from time-tested recipes can be superior to those meats found from any other source. Soloway’s offers wholesale meat in Toronto that is still made with the original recipes and cooking methodology followed since the company’s founding in 1927. The result is high quality meat that is appropriate for all types of special occasions or events on nearly any scale.

Some of the occasions that are ideal for Soloway’s wholesale meats include:

  • Catering businesses
  • Retailers
  • Fairs
  • Marketing events
  • Conventions
  • Reunions
  • Any time you want to feed your family a healthier cut of meat!

Buying meat in bulk probably doesn’t entail the high volume purchase that you have imagined. In fact, some items come in as few as 10 pieces/5 pounds per package, giving you more freedom to order a variety of meats without increasing the volume of your overall purchase too far.

Shoppers of all kinds are looking for the best value today, meaning that they get the best quality products at the lowest price. When you buy wholesale meat in Toronto from Soloway’s, you can get a better quality of meat than from the store and it often costs less too. If you are going to serve burgers, hot dogs, or sausages at your event, you don’t have to resort to buying low quality meats that allow you to make a profit. Giving your guests or participants a better quality food will improve your image and increase the food sales for a more successful event.

Soloway’s: Selling Wholesale Meat in Toronto to Consumers with Great Taste!

To many consumers, the word wholesale has come to mean cheap products sold in large volumes. In a way, that exactly what wholesale meats are. On the other hand, while the meat from Soloway’s is less expensive in price than that of retail stores, it isn’t cheap in quality. No other area of food preparation is more important with regards to safe handling and processing than that of meat. Otherwise, it holds serious risks of contamination that can lead to the illness of consumers. No one wants to take this kind of risk whether they are serving their family or the general public.

Soloway’s takes food safety seriously, always following food safety guidelines to produce the safest products for their customers. Whether you are planning an event for hundreds or thousands, or looking for a better way to feed your family, safety is a concern that cannot be ignored.

The tradition of Soloway’s means that you can buy wholesale meat in Toronto that you feel confident in offering to customers or loved ones. The high quality and variety of tastes available make the meat products a good choice for the most casual or formal events.

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