Qualities to Look for When Buying Wholesale Meat

Restaurants, stores, special events, and individuals all buy wholesale meat as a means to get a better value and high quality products. If you are one of the many consumers growing weary of the risk to yours and your family’s health when you purchase meat from the grocery, the selection of quality wholesale meat from Soloway’s is a choice you can feel good about. The selection of meat that you are used to buying probably offers you few options and even less information about the real quality behind your purchase. We address all of the qualities that you should look for every time you purchase meat.

Food Safety

The issue of food safety is on the minds of many today, and one of the top priorities at Soloway’s. All of our meats are prepared according to rigorous industry standards for Food Safety compliance. In addition, you can see the lists of ingredients and food labels for our products on our website so you know exactly what you are getting.

Food safety pertains to the ways food is handled, prepared, and stored to prevent the potential for contamination that could be dangerous to the consumer. We take pride in providing only the highest quality products for which the Soloway’s name has come to represent. We have been in the food preparation industry since 1927 and the food service industry since 1996. We know what it takes to prepare delicious foods that people enjoy and we always follow the guidelines that ensure everything we sell reaches the highest standard of safety.

Bulk Purchases

Many companies that sell wholesale meat only sell in large quantities. If your use is only for a small amount of the lowest quantity they sell in bulk, you could end up with a lot more than you need of a single product and the need for a lot of storage space. While this may make a big difference to the individual who purchases meat for use at home, it may not be a problem. On the other hand, buying in bulk usually means lower prices but the advantages are lost when you can’t use the meat before it is no longer safe. Be realistic about the amount of meat you will use and which type of order options offer the best value for your needs.

Healthy Meat Choices

Many people today are worried about eating too much fat or nitrites in their diet or they are required to eat a diet that is gluten-free. This greatly limits their choices when shopping for meat locally. At Soloway’s, we carry wieners and burgers that are nitrate- and gluten- free. We also show you our food labels so you know how much fat you get with each cut.

Our goal is to provide you with the quality wholesale meat that is a healthier choice for you and your family. Call us at 416-661-9383 to place your order or for more information on any of our products.

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