Why You Should Buy Wholesale Meat for Your Event

Special events can be a lot of fun and, in some cases, profitable. Throughout the summer months, it isn’t unusual for organizations to have music festivals, auctions, and fairs to bring in money for their causes. Planning these events often takes months and requires planning every last detail to ensure they optimize their profits for every activity and product sold. When it comes to the food served, it takes more than the average hot dog or burger to keep participants coming back for more. When you purchase wholesale meat from Soloway’s, they will know from the first bite that they have found something extraordinary!

The bottom line is that food matters! If your goal is to make every participant at your event do as much as possible and eat their fair share of the food served, you want to make it special enough to get noticed. Our all-beef hot dogs are just the beginning! We still use the original seasoning and recipes that have made Soloway’s a leader in meat products in Canada since our beginning in 1927!

Other options include chicken and veggie hot dogs for those visitors who are eating healthier but don’t want to give up on good taste. We also have a variety of sausages, burgers, and veggie burgers to please everyone.

All the Bells and Whistles

We all know that everyone has their own way of eating their burgers and dogs. That’s why condiments are so important to the food portion of your event. If you don’t have the mustard and ketchup to add to their food, it may make the difference in whether they make a second purchase or just clear out early to go for dinner. Eating at outdoor events can be tricky, and it is up to you to know how to satisfy cravings and make it easy for them to get the foods they want.

Managing Your Food Budget

Most event planners have a budget to follow and they need to find bargains wherever they can. Soloway’s wholesale meat is a good place to start. All of our hot dogs and burgers are sold in bulk at a price that is always a great value. To stretch your budget farther, look for the items you can afford to downgrade on without any problem. Consider selling drinks in bottles or cans instead of buying ice and paper cups. Get paper goods in bulk at discount stores and if your event is for a good cause, try to get donations to cover part of your costs.

People go to special events to enjoy warm weather, have a good time, and make a difference for an important cause. Giving them the delicious foods that they want to eat will help you get more repeat business that will translate into bigger profits and a more successful event overall. To learn more about our wholesale meat or to place your order, call Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory at 416-661-9383.

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